Living Well When the Sky is Falling

Living Well When the Sky is Falling

Picture this. You’ve got your popcorn. You’ve snuggled up on the couch for a nice relaxing movie night. The film you’ve chosen is about a pandemic, but all of a sudden, right in the middle, they throw in a volcanic eruption! Most of us would shut it off while muttering under our breath about how far fetched the plot is. There’s only so far from reality we’re willing to endure (Sharknado is my personal limit)! Yet, in Barbados in 2021, here we are.

So how do we stay healthy and sane during these trying times? Here’s a few tips to get us through with all 8 Pillars of Wellness in tact:



Even though you’re stuck inside, make sure to move your body every day. Try to find a spot in your house that is as ash/dust free as possible. We definitely don’t want to be inhaling any of that! Then look for a fun workout on YouTube or Instagram, or take an online yoga class, or even put on some up tempo music and dance! Once you’re moving and sweating it’ll be good for you. It will also positively contribute to the next pillar…



Everybody is different when it comes to what we need mentally, but we all need to DELIBERATELY focus on our mental wellbeing! While this time can be extremely stressful for many, there are some things we can do to take care of our minds. Our top 5 are:

  1. get enough sleep (7-9 hours for adults);
  2. avoid alcohol, smoking and drugs (the temporary escape isn’t worth the negative impact);
  3. eat well (as much fruit, vegetables and water as you can);
  4. ask for help (find a wise and trusted friend, or seek out a professional therapist); and
  5. connect with others and be social.

Speaking of which, our next pillar is…


As human beings, we’re built for connection and community, so finding ways to connect with others is CRITICAL. Even though we can’t go anywhere to meet up as we may like, we can still pick up the phone and call someone we love. Or even host a virtual game or movie night with a few friends. For more intimate relationships we can find ways to reconnect and rekindle flames of old: flip through old photos of good times or take each other on an inside “date”. If you feel really disconnected and need help you can definitely find some great counsellors among Our Partners.


This may be one of the toughest ones to address during this time, but there’s great benefit to focusing on what we can control. So while we discourage you from trying to wash down the exterior of your home (we’re a water scarce country in the dry season!), you can focus on your interior environment. Redesign your living space to make it more relaxing. Declutter your rooms (one at a time if needed), especially if you work from home. Get some indoor plants like spider plants, aloe or snake plants as these improve air quality. Also consider setting aside a special space where you can relax, meditate, pray, or read. It’s amazing how much our physical environment can affect our wellbeing!



There’s more to us than just our bodies – we aren’t just a bunch of molecules bouncing around in space! As important as it is to take care of our physical and mental wellness, it is equally (some may argue more) important to take care of our spiritual selves as well. Set aside a time daily to pray, read, meditate and/or journal. The beneficial and long-lasting effects of this kind of habit is well documented. Don’t ignore this part of yourself – it affects everything else!

Intellectual (Educational)

Anything that isn’t growing is dying. When was the last time you learned something new? If your answer is school then it’s time to get those wheels turning again! Learn a new language or learn about something that’s completely left field! Have a special interest like cars or gardening? See if there’s more you can learn about it! There are a ton of great resources online which are free or cheap, and of course there’s the University of YouTube! We live in the information age, so let’s take advantage of it and keep learning! You could of course take a course related to your career, which would take us to the next pillar…

Occupational (Professional)

In this age of rapid change, it is super important for us to do what we can to stay ahead of the curve. If you’re in a career that you enjoy and plan to be in for a while, look for ways that you can add value to your current company. If you’re self-employed then look for ways you can add more value to your customers/clients. Update your LinkedIn profile. Network and connect with others in your field on social media. If you’re either between positions, or desiring to move into a new field, then spend the time researching the latest developments, and the major players and what helped them to succeed. Success is definitely a journey, not a destination, and it demands that we put in the work.


This time has been tough. And we mean TOOOUUUGGHHH!! So many of us have been financially affected and there’s no real indication of when things are going to get better. It’s more important than ever for us to watch our wallets, while still trying to LIVE WELL. Our best recommendation is to get yourself an HNI Savings Card – and no we aren’t biased at all! It’s truly the best way to take care of your own and your family’s holistic wellness, while making it more affordable with INSTANT SAVINGS. Best part is you don’t even need to leave home to get one – order online here, and you’ll receive a digital receipt, which you can use until your physical card arrives in the mail. At just $0.20 per day, the return on investment is HUGE, and that’s only considering the money you’ll save. Add in all the other benefits to your life and it’s really a no brainer!


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