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Healthier Nation Initiative Caribbean

Get healthy and live well for less when you use your HNI Card across the Caribbean!

Enjoy the benefits of HNI across the Caribbean


Health is true wealth and is the greatest investment you can make.


True wellness is multifaceted. It is a combination of financial, mental, physical, environmental, social, spiritual, intellectual and professional health.


Don’t wait for rewards or rebates, get instant savings of an average of 10% when you shop at our health and wellness partners!

Discover HNI benefits available where you live or in your next Caribbean travel destination. 

How it Works

It’s so easy! Simply click here to register. Your HNI Savings card will be mailed to you in 2 weeks or less!

Explore our over 100 partners and see all the ways you can save in both Barbados and Antigua.

Use your HNI Savings Card when visiting any of our partner locations and keep more cash in your pocket.


View our Partner Listings

Explore the more than 100 partners offering savings to our HNI members! Discounts do not apply to already discounted products/services or specials.


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